We’re back


We’re thrilled to be restarting a less formal, more direct conversation with you about the challenges of service and leadership.  This is an extension of our previous blog, which we suspended for too many months to finish the Uncommon Service manuscript.  To those of you with the patience to wait for us, we’re grateful.  We’re excited to pick up the discussion where we left off.

And to our new readers, here’s what we like talking about:  leading others, leading ourselves, serving customers and employees and shareholders, finding ways to do these things better and with more integrity.   That includes creating more profitable and more competitive organizations.  It you can’t get paid for delivering excellence, the business goes away.  No happy customers.  No thriving employees.

So please join us as we try to figure this stuff out.  We’re very interested in your comments and ideas – in fact, that’s the central reason to do this, to learn from readers like you on the front lines of creating and consuming service experiences. We want to know what you think.  Together we might be able to make great service a little more, well, common.

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  • David Giammittorio

    Hi I am a few weeks back from Boston where I had the great pleasure of hearing Professor Frei speak..she is wonderful. I received her book as well, which I just finished today…well done and well written and thank you.  Some time I felt as though she had been in my back pocket over the last 34 years in a service business….although I realize that she is barely old enough!

    Some of What she articulates so well I thought was intuition, not easily reproduced, but now I am beginning to understand that not only can it be reproduced that it can be scaled…bravo.
    David Giammittorio MHC 2012

    • francesfrei

      David, a very belated thanks for your very kind words. I’m so glad the ideas resonated — it was a privilege to engage, both live and through the pages of the book.