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Frances Frei authory headshotFrances Frei is the Senior Associate Dean, Director of Faculty Planning and Recruiting and UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management at Harvard Business School. Her research investigates how organizations can more effectively design service excellence and has been published in top-tier journals such as Management Science and Harvard Business Review. In addition, she has published dozens of case studies across a variety of industries, including financial services, government, retail, software, telecommunications, and hospitality.

Frances regularly advises organizations seeking to create greater value through their service experiences. Her advisory work focuses on helping companies to make strategic choices that allow them to profitably differentiate on service. She serves on the boards of advisors of several private companies.

Frances received her PhD in operations and information management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds an ME in industrial engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and a BA in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Joy Smith

    I had the priviledge of attending a lecture by Frances yesterday which she presented to Agero in Cambridge.  One of the best academic experiences of my career, and I have had the opportunity to participate in more than several of these type of courses both domestically and internationally. 

    Exceptional speaker, provacative discussion, engaging dialogue.  We’re still taking about it today amongst our teams and we’re each continuing to be as impressed or more by the activity as the time passes.  I should note, I will admit that I am exceptionally client and customer focused by design, I’m in Client Services and Sales for 21 years….if I feel that way about the event and the value of the message, I know that our Operational and Finance teams are ecstatic!  I had the opportunity at a point in my career to manage one of the 24-Hour Contact Centers while managing sales and client services simultaneously.  So, the “marriage” of these functions to agree to pursue a goal in a common direction is ideal and maximizes success of the organization.  The ideas that Frances generates to ensure the individuals agree to get there are excellent.

    I’m a proud new owner of Ms. Frei’s book and look forward to reading it with great pleasure and interest.

    Thank you, Ms. Frei!

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  • vksullivan

    I just heard Frances Frei last week at the Women’s Leadership Board, Kennedy’s School of Government at Harvard. She was as hilarious as she was insightful. Her ideas play well regardless of the size of your business. My new motto: dare to be bad!