'Absolutely Delighted' by Progressive

Author comments:  Progressive is a fantastic example of a company that's figured out how to deliver dramatically better service without asking its target customers to pay a dime more.  The writer captures the consumer experience here.

Name of organization: Progressive Insurance

Industry: Financial and insurance services

Briefly describe the context and reason for the service interaction: I had a small accident and I needed to deal with it through insurance. They took the other person's information and basically dealt with the entire thing for me. They would call me once a week or so to check in with an update. I didn't have to do any more work. They were amazing.

Which parts of the service experience were excellent: Every time I call them they are helpful - i was surprised in the beginning, but not anymore. Taking the information. And letting me know what was going to happen throughout the process. But I think they also knew how stressful the accident was and they just made everything easy for me.

How did you feel at the end of the interaction: Surprised and absolutely delighted and relieved that I wasn't going to have to fill out a ton of forms, or make calls myself to deal with it.

What did you do after the experience:

Increased use of service

Told friends/family

Told a representative of the organization by phone or in-person

Was the expectation of good service among the top three reasons you chose to interact with this organization: No

How did the price of the product/service compare to its competitors: Less expensive

What service advice do you have for this organization: Keep doing what you are doing. Only once in the past 3 years of service have I ever had a less than wonderful experience with a customer service person.

What service advice do you have for other organizations:

Friday, March 16, 2012