Attention to Detail at Mizu

Author comments:  There's no universal definition of excellence, in any service business, and the "perfect haircut" is a great example of this.  Customers will judge you according to their own standards, and your job is to uncover those standards quickly and painlessly. That usually means you have to ask thoughtful questions and listen, listen, listen to the answers.

Name of organization: Mizu

Industry: Personal care (including fitness, salon)

Briefly describe the context and reason for the service interaction: Haircut and color.

Which parts of the service experience were excellent: The interaction between myself and the hair dresser. I explained what I wanted, and she listened and asked questions. The person washing my hair was excellent. Not only did Thomas do a great job but he remembered things I told Ann (the hairdresser) and mentioned them while he was washing my hair. It was the attention to detail that was great.

How did you feel at the end of the interaction: Great -- I had a fabulous haircut.

What did you do after the experience:

Increased use of service

Told friends/family

Posted a review (for example, on Yelp or other public website)

Was the expectation of good service among the top three reasons you chose to interact with this organization: No

How did the price of the product/service compare to its competitors: About the same

What service advice do you have for this organization: Keep doing what you are doing.

What service advice do you have for other organizations: You should treat the customer as you would want to be treated. Pretend to like the customers and make them feel like they should be spending money at your store.

Saturday, March 3, 2012