Unsolicited Advice for Rick Warren

Obama and Warren

  1. Your generosity of spirit betrays your divisive posturing -- be who you are.
  2. We all have small and large versions of ourselves. Rise to the size of your growing platform.
  3. Eat right and exercise. You can be a righteous force in the world if you stick around for a while.
  4. Love your neighbor as yourself.
  5. I am a gay woman, with a wife and child to protect from the politics of fear you used to undermine my family's citizenship and dignity -- and even I respond to your core decency. There's something there.
  6. Make my son proud to be part of your America on January 20th.
  7. Believe the hype -- the world is hanging on your words right now. We will move on, but you have our attention for the moment. Honor it.
  8. Do not bear false witness. Unless you really can't distinguish between gay marriage and pedophilia, this one may be the most helpful.
  9. Gay people don't eat donuts. Consider building bridges with scones next time, maybe a nice fruit plate, cocktails.
  10. Ask yourself what would Jesus do.



Friday, February 24, 2012