Case Studies

Invest your resources strategically. Underperform on the dimensions your customers value least so that you can overperform on the dimensions they value most. Case: Southwest Airlines Southwest remains an exception to the rule that airlines must lose money and make their customers miserable.  And it... more ►

Service excellence must be funded in some way. Either find a palatable way to charge your customers more, reduce costs while improving your service experience, or get customers to do some of the work for you. Case: FedEx By empowering customers with smart technology, FedEx figured out how to... more ►

Design a system that sets up everyone – even your average employees — to excel as a matter of routine. Case: Spence Diamonds We tend to associate scripts with lower-wage employees, but Canadian retailer Spence Diamonds has revealed the power of writing dialogue for even $100,000-plus employees.... more ►

Your service customers “work” for you in many of the same ways your employees do, so you need to manage their behavior strategically. Design a system that sets up your customers to succeed operationally. Case Study: Bugs Burger Bug Killers (BBBK) In an industry where competitors only promised to... more ►