The Service Economy

The primary driver of our economy is no longer what we make, but how we serve each other. Eighty percent of jobs in the U.S. are now in service, and service represents eighty percent of the gross national product. The trends are similar across the developed world.  We are unambiguously in the service business.

But we’re not in the business of service.  Despite our transformation to a service economy – and despite our innate desire to help each other – the majority of our service experiences are overwhelmingly negative. Why the disconnect? Why is great service still so rare? Most important, how do we close this gap? The resources on this page are focused on this last question, on how to compete by putting customers at the center of your organization.

Here’s what we’ve learned:  uncommon service is not about trying harder. Or having the right attitude. Or deciding that the customer is always right. It’s about making smart design choices and creating a service culture that supports those choices at every turn.

Here we try to show you how to get started on delivering uncommon service by design. You’ll also find a dynamic index that chronicles real-time examples of uncommon service.

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