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Uncommon Service authors Frances Frei and Anne Morriss work directly with organizations through the Concire Leadership Institute, a private consulting firm they cofounded in 2007. Concire (kuhn-sahy-ur) is a Latin word that means come together and ignite. No word better captures the Institute’s work. Concire offers customized training and advisory services to leaders who are committed to achieving extraordinary results.


We anchor our executive training with a rigorous, one-to-two day experience that lays the foundation for organizational excellence. A product of more than a decade of research on building sustainable advantage, the seminar challenges fundamental assumptions about competition and emphasizes practical tools for improving performance.

Advisory Services

We take on select consulting clients each year under specific circumstances – in cases where we can add unique and targeted value. The projects are highly customized and are typically focused on supporting the design and launch of a new strategy or business line, or on an extensive redesign of an existing business.


The Concire team enthusiastically participates in a wide range of speaking engagements, from corporate retreats to graduations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are convening an audience you want to energize around issues of leadership, excellence or service. For more information, click here, or contact: Lori Trahan Concire Leadership Institute 978-771-8994