Have you experienced uncommon service? We'd love to hear about it and to share your experience with our readers.

Please fill out the survey questions below. Before starting, take yourself back to a great service encounter, whether it happened a week ago or five years ago. Try to remember what choices you made, what choices the company made. Try to remember how you felt along the way.

We're interested in actions and reactions - and we don't care at all about polished sentences. Just tell us what happened, in your own words. And feel free to ignore any questions you don't feel like answering.

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  1. Name of organization
  2. Industry:

    If Other:
  3. Briefly describe the context and reason for the service interaction.
  4. Which parts of the service experience were excellent?
  5. How did you feel at the end of the interaction?
  6. What did you do after the experience (check all that apply)
    Increased use of service
    Told friends/family
    Wrote a letter/email to organization
    Told a representative of the organization by phone or in-person
    Answered the organization's satisfaction survey
    Discussed on Facebook
    Liked on Facebook
    Discussed on Twitter
    Posted a review (for example, on Yelp or other public website)
    Other social media
    Other (open)
  7. Was the expectation of good service among the top three reasons you chose to interact with this organization?
  8. How did the price of the product/service compare to its competitors?
    More expensive
    Less expensive
    About the same
  9. What service advice do you have for this organization?
  10. What service advice do you have for other organizations?
  11. Can we follow up with you regarding this experience?
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Thank you for participating. Your story will help to bring uncommon service to life for our readers.