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Truth #1: You can’t be good at everything

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA-December 01, 2009: A Southwest Airlin

Invest your resources strategically. Underperform on the dimensions your customers value least so that you can overperform on the dimensions they value most. Case: Southwest Airlines Southwest remains an exception to the rule that airlines must lose money and make …

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Self-Service Revolution or the Worst Meal I’ve Ever Bought?

I fought off anxious flashbacks yesterday to the least satisfying meal I’ve ever exchanged for hard currency. These memories were not a welcome intrusion. We live in complex times. But anxiety is a blunt instrument – it doesn’t distinguish between …

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Self-Service Revolution: Response

Self-service is very tricky to get right.  My rule of thumb is that self-service excellence needs to be designed such that customers prefer the self-service to a readily available full service alternative. A great example is airline check-in kiosks. When …

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