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The Five Stages of Strategic Grief

Silicon Valley’s been cracking with activity in the last few years — along with Melbourne, Australia and Santiago, Chile. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there’s been a sharp uptick in …

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Truth #1: You can’t be good at everything

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA-December 01, 2009: A Southwest Airlin

Invest your resources strategically. Underperform on the dimensions your customers value least so that you can overperform on the dimensions they value most. Case: Southwest Airlines Southwest remains an exception to the rule that airlines must lose money and make …

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What Have Your Customers Done for You Lately?

Customer goodwill is also difficult to measure — or even define.  But we know it matters.  Certainly, it makes a difference to the top line.  Customers who like you are more likely to buy things from you and tell their …

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