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We’re back


Welcome! We’re thrilled to be restarting a less formal, more direct conversation with you about the challenges of service and leadership.  This is an extension of our previous blog, which we suspended for too many months to finish the Uncommon …

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Truth #4: You must manage your customers

left dishes in restaurant

Your service customers “work” for you in many of the same ways your employees do, so you need to manage their behavior strategically. Design a system that sets up your customers to succeed operationally. Case Study: Bugs Burger Bug Killers …

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Truth #1: You can’t be good at everything

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA-December 01, 2009: A Southwest Airlin

Invest your resources strategically. Underperform on the dimensions your customers value least so that you can overperform on the dimensions they value most. Case: Southwest Airlines Southwest remains an exception to the rule that airlines must lose money and make …

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