Tweeting (and Drinking) at the Woodshed

Author comments:  An otherwise fantastic experience ended on a note of disappointment when a customer was ignored on Twitter. When it comes to social media, our advice is to hang back until you're ready to really be active with it.  Once you have a public account, customers expect to be able to engage you on that platform.

Name of organization: The Woodshed

Industry: Food services (including restaurants)

Briefly describe the context and reason for the service interaction: This restaurant was convenient to the trails where a half-marathon I was watching took place. They also offered a free beer to patrons with a finisher's medal, so my friend wanted to get her free beer!

Which parts of the service experience were excellent: Receiving a free beer after running a half-marathon is definitely excellent! The food was rockin', waitstaff were very attentive, the style of the restaurant accommodated many preferences (outdoor and indoor, plenty of bar seating, community areas, fire pits burning outside), and they used cloth napkins (and refused to use straws) so they didn't risk trashing out the Trinity River that runs along the backside of the restaurant.

How did you feel at the end of the interaction: I felt completely satisfied and impressed with the great food and overall great experience.

What did you do after the experience:
Told friends/family
Discussed on Twitter

Was the expectation of good service among the top three reasons you chose to interact with this organization: Yes

How did the price of the product/service compare to its competitors: More expensive

What service advice do you have for this organization: I tweeted about my experience and did not get any type of response from the Woodshed. Although this doesn't necessarily bother me too much, I think it's awesome when companies acknowledge those comments online.

What service advice do you have for other organizations: I think any organization should actively respond to both positive and negative feedback online.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012